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Check out Australian magician Matt Hollywood’s Showreel. It’s well produced and he looks like an accomplished magician, however it’s just a tad cheesy. Still, it is magic I suppose…

A great series of card productions from (i’m guessing) a Japanese magician This would be a great multiple card discovery if all those cards had been chosen by spectators. As usual, ignore the inane comments on this video.

A while back I posted a clip of Cardini that is available on YouTube. Magic Shane has a clip of Cardini’s full manipulation act on his site. For a magician, it really is a joy to watch. He displays astonishingly good technique (card manipulations while wearing gloves), dexterity (check out the ball manipulation) and brilliant […]

Here is a great sequence of close-up card magic and coin magic from Akira Fuji, a  well known (apparently) close-up magician from Japan. Thanks to PeaceLove for the heads up on his blog.