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Eugene Berger


Eugene Berger presents the Gypsy Thread (isn’t that what this magic effect is called?) in his own inimitable style. I’d love to see Mr Burger  perform in person. I’ve often wondered how his style of performing magic would go down with a normal audience.

On the Magic Magazine site, you can view demonstration videos of the tricks (mainly card tricks) discussed in the “Talk About Tricks” column. There are no explanations, just straightforward presentations, but it is a great way of complimenting the magazine material. The only problem is the videos are very small and it’s difficult to see […]

Magic as Art


In this clip, Jerome Murat prove that magic really can be art. It’s a long clip, but well worth watching to the end.

This used to be available on YouTube, but I think it’s been taken off. It’s Cyril Takayama producing a hamburger from a poster. You have to see it and then tell me how’s he stay so thin? Have a look while you still can.

Here is a great sequence of close-up card magic and coin magic from Akira Fuji, a  well known (apparently) close-up magician from Japan. Thanks to PeaceLove for the heads up on his blog.

This is another occasional magic blog by UK Magician and Entertainer Dan Gifford. I’m always looking out for interesting videos of magic and often stumble across a little gem hidden away on a magicians website. Up to now I’ve posted about videos on my main blog PlanetStrange, but there are so many I don’t post […]