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Simon Drake’s take on this classic magical illusion. Much better than the Derren Browne version from a couple of years ago.

A clip from ‘The Secret Cabaret’ and a great example of the macabre illusions performed by Simon Drake on this old show. Ricky Jay also had a regular spot on this show.

 This is just silly.  So impossible you can’t believe it.

What I want to know is, where does the little helicopter go? Thankfully, Franz made that mustache disappear later in his career.

 Now, Franz Harary is pure cheese but, a great illusionist. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him perform an unoriginal illusion.

Ping Pong


Not strictly magic, but very clever and entertaining none the less. I suppose it does use ‘black art’ which is a magical technique, but there is no effort to hide it!

Eugene Berger


Eugene Berger presents the Gypsy Thread (isn’t that what this magic effect is called?) in his own inimitable style. I’d love to see Mr Burger  perform in person. I’ve often wondered how his style of performing magic would go down with a normal audience.