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This is a very slick promotional video for magician Jay Alexander. Look out for the amazing knife throwing act!

Ping Pong


Not strictly magic, but very clever and entertaining none the less. I suppose it does use ‘black art’ which is a magical technique, but there is no effort to hide it!

Check out Australian magician Matt Hollywood’s Showreel. It’s well produced and he looks like an accomplished magician, however it’s just a tad cheesy. Still, it is magic I suppose…

Now this isn’t magic I know, but definately worth a look. Wait until the end when he really gets going..

Another routine from Whit Haydn, an excellent ambitious card routine. If it has one fault, I’d say it was a tad too long, but maybe it fits in to the environments where he works. A classsic card trick.

The one that started it all. It’s amazing the number of people who still ask if I can ‘levitate like David Blaine’.

I think this is one of the best tricks Blaine has done on TV. At the end of a chat show interview, he removes his own heart. Really. I’d like to have seen what happened afterwards, was he carried out on a stretcher or did he just get up and say ‘It’s just a trick! […]