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Now this isn’t magic I know, but definately worth a look. Wait until the end when he really gets going..

A great series of card productions from (i’m guessing) a Japanese magician This would be a great multiple card discovery if all those cards had been chosen by spectators. As usual, ignore the inane comments on this video.

On the Magic Magazine site, you can view demonstration videos of the tricks (mainly card tricks) discussed in the “Talk About Tricks” column. There are no explanations, just straightforward presentations, but it is a great way of complimenting the magazine material. The only problem is the videos are very small and it’s difficult to see […]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the big cheese himself, David Copperfield. Whatever people say about him, this is amazing and if you were in that audience, I’ll bet you’d never forget seeing this.