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A while back I posted a clip of Cardini that is available on YouTube. Magic Shane has a clip of Cardini’s full manipulation act on his site. For a magician, it really is a joy to watch. He displays astonishingly good technique (card manipulations while wearing gloves), dexterity (check out the ball manipulation) and brilliant […]



This is Swedish magician John Houdi performing a version of Paul Gertner’s Unshuffled card trick. A great bit of card magic, interesting to see it in another language, in fact a lot of another langauge. I don’t speak Swedish, so I can only assume that he does find the right card. [Youtube=]

This is a fantastic clip of Cardini on YouTube. Many magicians have called themselves ‘The Great …’ but few really deserve it. Cardini is probably the best manipulator the magic world has ever known. Enjoy.

The one that started it all. It’s amazing the number of people who still ask if I can ‘levitate like David Blaine’.