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Magic as Art


In this clip, Jerome Murat prove that magic really can be art. It’s a long clip, but well worth watching to the end.

 This is an interesting clip on the website of magician Whit Haydn. It is his version of the Chicago Opener card trick- but I don’t think it quite goes to plan!

I think this is one of the best tricks Blaine has done on TV. At the end of a chat show interview, he removes his own heart. Really. I’d like to have seen what happened afterwards, was he carried out on a stretcher or did he just get up and say ‘It’s just a trick! […]

This used to be available on YouTube, but I think it’s been taken off. It’s Cyril Takayama producing a hamburger from a poster. You have to see it and then tell me how’s he stay so thin? Have a look while you still can.

Here is a great sequence of close-up card magic and coin magic from Akira Fuji, a  well known (apparently) close-up magician from Japan. Thanks to PeaceLove for the heads up on his blog.

Dan’s Hands


This footage was filmed for a small excerpt I did for a theatre company in Leicester. I then edited it and put together this video, Dan’s Hands My hands were standing in for an actor’s – that’s why the camera avoids my face. Honest.

Apparently, this is based on the classic joke ‘The Aristocrats’ – which I have to say I haven’t heard before. Pretty funny in the context of a card trick. Kind of a story trick (like sam the bellhop) , but it doesn’t use all the cards and it also has an adult theme… so maybe […]